Bloomberg by Bloomberg





"Lots of entrepreneurs make money.Lots of entrepreneurs who make money write books.Few of those books make you glad they did. This one does."
The New York Times Book Review A provocative autobiography by the visionary leader of the worlds fastest-growing media empire "A classic tale of a nimble, customer-focused, entrepreneurial David outsmarting bureaucratic, ossified, corporate Goliaths."
Business Week "Michael Bloomberg is the most creative media entrepreneur of our time and, with Bill Gates, perhaps the most successful."
Rupert Murdoch, Chairman & Chief Executive, News Corporation "Entertaining, engaging, and informative, Bloomberg by Bloomberg is packed with great advice about how to start a lean, hungry companyand how to keep it that way."
Bryan Burrough, coauthor, Barbarians at the Gate "The man with Wall Streets best known generic name has written an autobiography that keeps you up late to finish.The book is full of wonderful insights about Wall Street and about starting and growing a new business."
Julian H. Robertson Jr., Chairman, Tiger Management LLC "This is the best insight yet on how one man shook up the entire financial information industry."
Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group of Companies