Hush Ma

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Hush Ma
  • 书名: Hush Ma
  • 作者: MAMET
  • ISBN: 9780615162447
  • 出版时间: 2007-09-01
  • 出版社:
  • 入库时间: 1518011992
  • 更新时间: 1518011992


Kumba is the third generation born to families of chiefs and voodoo priests. Kumba's mother, Mama Siah, is the second wife of four wives to the village's chief, Pa Sorie. To be married to a man with four wives and sixteen children between all four wives, was only half the trouble that Mama Siah had to live with. She had to deal with spousal rivery and the abuse of society. Living in the 21st century, Kumba, Mama Siah's daughter, was lucky to get a higher education and found true love. Kumba vowed to help protect the next generation from the polygamy marriages, spousal abuses and female genetal mutilation (circumcision) that her generation and the ones before hers went through.